Seattle Area SolidWorks Power User Group


  • Next Meeting: August 14th!

    Hey all!
    Our next meeting will be August 14th at Lake Washington Institute of Technology from 5-7pm-ish.

    On tap:

    Tips and Tricks to Prep for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Certifications (CSWA-S and CSWP – S)

    Presenter: Annie Cheung, Senior Knowledge Consultant SOLIDWORKS Certification

    Bio: Annie recently joined the SOLIDWORKS Certification team supporting certifications for the user and reseller community with a focus on Simulation and Data Management. Prior to joining the SOLIDWORKS certification team, she worked as a Senior Application Engineer for 8+ years at a SOLIDWORKS reseller providing support, training, and consultation services. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.

    Title: Rediscover the all new DraftSight!

    Presenter: Mark S. Lyons, DraftSight Product Manager

    Bio: Mark is responsible for the day to day operation of DraftSight. His responsibilities include driving the direction of the product for the future. Mark was hired to lead the training initiative for DraftSight. Most recently Mark was the Lead Teacher in the Drafting Department at a local technical high school. He has over 15 years’ experience in the classroom teaching CAD. Mark is the voice behind our training videos and here to help you get the most out of DraftSight.

    Prior to teaching, Mark was employed in various positions in the design and drafting industry, working for companies like Bose Corporation and Digital Equipment Corporation. Mark began his career as a draftsman creating his drawings by hand. His first exposure to CAD was in 1983 at Digital using Unigraphics. Since then he has used a myriad of CAD packages; 2D as well as 3D. Mark’s experience with 2D drafting coupled with his teaching background made him an excellent choice for this position. Mark also spent time working as a Golf Professional both in Massachusetts and Naples, FL.

    Title: These are a few of my favorite things: A look at some of the hidden and not so hidden gems that makes SOLIDWORKS an extra fun software to use.

    Presenter: Jeremiah Davis, SOLIDWORKS PDM Training Specialist

    Bio: A seasoned SOLIDWORKS user and former AE, Jeremiah is a member of the SOLIDWORKS training team specializing in the PDM products. Before joining the training team, he was an AE at a reseller in the Nashville, TN area, supporting many automotive and industrial machine companies. Prior to that, he designed industrial and commercial refrigeration valves in the Nashville area. Jeremiah really enjoys presenting and teaching and has done so for over 6 years. During this time, he has presented to many user groups including North Alabama, Chattanooga, Nashville and Western Mass. He has also presented at 3 SOLIDWORKS worlds.

  • May Meeting!

    Please join us for the Q2 SASPUG meeting. Come and learn more about GrabCAD, 3DConnexion and SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual. As always, there will be food, drinks and awesome giveaways (beer & 3D Mice)!


    DATE:                          May 20th, 2014

    TIME:                           5-7ishPM

    LOCATION:                  Lake Washington Tech

    East Building

    Room E144 (by cafeteria)


    PRESENTATIONS:       Hardi Meybaum – GrabCAD

    Rick Lando – 3DConnexion

    Alex Worsford – SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual


    PRESENTERS:             Hardi Meybaum – Hardi’s background is a somewhat unique combination of engineering, process automation and IT. After graduating from the Tallinn University of Technology with a Masters in Production Development (Mechanical Engineering), Hardi worked as a Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), for Saku Metall where he also implemented Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and ERP systems, before eventually becoming CIO of the company. After Saku, Hardi spent two years at Columbus IT implementing ERP systems before starting his first company, Futeq, to help manufacturers get products to market faster. While running Futeq Hardi saw the opportunity to help use open, web-based systems to accelerate the design process, and started GrabCAD to help that movement.


    Rick Lando – Rick is a Sales Manager for 3Dconnexion. Rick has been with 3Dconnexion for over 11 years working with end users, reseller partners and certainly SolidWorks User Groups!

    3Dconnexion manufactures the popular series of devices known as 3D Mice which works in conjunction with a regular mouse.  This 2-handed workflow provides an intuitive, balanced and cooperative work style that results in increased productivity, improvements in creativity and enhanced comfort.

    Rick asks that you spend a minute trying one!


    Alex Worsford – Alex is an AE for MCAD. He spent time as a Blue Whale wrangler, Ostrich masseuse and shallow sea diver before discovering his true passion: SOLIDWORKS. Since then, he has done nothing but hone his skills. As of today, he is one of three certified SOLIDWORKS Ninjas.




    SPONSORS:                 MCAD              Aerotek

    3DConnexion    Rapid Group



    RSVP:                          Please email rsvp(at)saspug(dot)com by May 15th so we can order enough food.

  • Teaser

    And to hopefully get you excited, our next meeting will be May 20th at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.
    Currently on tap to speak is Hardi Maybaum from GrabCAD and an as yet unkown AE from MCAD who will be showing us SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual.
    This should be a great meeting, so pencil it in and be sure to RSVP when the invite hits your email. If you aren’t on the email list, let me know and I’ll add you.
    Oh, and rumor has it that MCAD has a very cool prize that will be added to the raffle.


  • February Meeting – Coming up quick!

    DATE:                 February 5, 2014

    TIME:                   5-7PM

    LOCATION:        Lake Washington Tech, Room E144 (1st floor, adjacent to the cafeteria)

    PRESENTERS:   Jordan Lemley – ePDM

    Jordan Lemley is a Hawk Ridge Systems Applications Engineer specializing in SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management. Before moving from the Midwest to the West Coast, Jordan gained experience with SolidWorks and FEA while working in the fields of energy and design. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Jordan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified SolidWorks Professional and Certified EPDM Professional.

    Ken Brown – SolidWorks World Report

    Ken Brown teaches Engineering Graphics at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Prior to become an instructor, Ken lived in Papua New Guinea where he learned 840 of the the 848 languages listed for the country. He has also been known to wear fuzzy bunny slippers, sleep past 8am and enjoys listening to the soothing sounds of mating Elk. Part of this bio may have been falsified.

    SPONSORS:       SolidWorks     The Rapid Group     Hawk Ridge Systems

    Please RSVP if you’ll be attending by clicking here.

  • November Meeting Announcement!

    Update: We are confirmed for LWIT on November 6th, 5-7 pm. East building, Room E144 (by the cafeteria). If you haven’t RSVP’d, do it! Just send an email.

    Hey all, we’ll be having a meeting on November 6th. While I’m waiting for confirmation, I expect it to be at Lake Washington Tech from 5-7 pm. We have a special guest speaker, courtesy of SolidWorks User Group Network: Neil Custard.

    Neil will be presenting :

    “SolidWorks Tips You Need to Know 2.0”, subtitle – “Covering Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and Misc Tools That Should Be Used But Do Not Get Used Enough”. Presented by Neil Custard, owner of the website “SolidWorks Tips Daily‘”, the Facebook page “SolidWorks Tips Daily”, SolidWorks World Presenter and winner of the “Model Mania” contest at SolidWorks World in 2008, 2010 and first place in 2012”.

    You’re not going to want to miss this meeting!

  • August Meeting

    Please join us for the next SASPUG meeting. Come and learn more about SolidWorks and its partners. As always, there will be food, drinks and giveaways!

    DATE: August 6th, 2013
    TIME: 5-7PM
    LOCATION: Renton Tech
    Bldg. F room F-102

    PRESENTERS: Rich Welch, VP of World Wide Customer Service from SolidWorks
    Glenn Johnson, Mechanical Engineer and Product Development consultant will present:
    Mouseless in Seattle  — Taking command of SWx with alternate input devices
    SPONSORS: Hawk Ridge
    The Rapid Group

    RSVP: By July 25th to rsvp at

  • June Wrapup

    What a great meeting we had last night! By my count, there were about 40 people in attendance. Elliot Weber, an AE from Hawk Ridge, did an excellent presentation on SolidWorks Electrical. This was followed up by Adam Ales and Steve Moenaert, from K2 Sports, who talked about how they use SolidWorks to create not only the products they produce, but the tools and presses they use to produce them.

    Big thanks to Lake Washington Institute of Technology for hosting the meeting. Also, thank you to SolidWorks and The Rapid Group for the raffle prizes.


  • June Meeting

    Please join us for the next SASPUG meeting. Come and learn more about SolidWorks and its partners. As always, there will be food, drinks and giveaways!


    DATE:                  June 18, 2013

    TIME:                   5-7PM

    LOCATION:        Lake Washington Tech, Room E144 (1st floor, adjacent to the cafeteria)

    PRESENTERS:    Elliot Weber from Hawk Ridge

    Steve Moenaert & Adam Ales from K2

    SPONSORS:       SolidWorks

    The Rapid Group

    Please RSVP if you’ll be attending by clicking here.

  • Next Meetings

    Hi all!

    It’s been a while so I thought I’d give you a ‘heads up’ on our next meeting. It’ll be June 18 at Lake Washington. Elliot Weber from Hawk Ridge will be one presenter and I’m currently taking volunteers for a second presenter (hint, hint).

    Also, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be having a meeting in August as a VIP from SolidWorks will be making a swing through the Northwest. The date hasn’t been decided yet, but I’ll let you know once everything has been formalized.


  • Some Tips & Tricks

    I recently started teaching at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and passed out these Tips & Tricks to my students. It then dawned on me that some of you may find a use for them as well, so here you go!


    1. Holding ‘Ctrl’ and dragging a part in an assembly will copy the part.
    2. Holding ‘Alt’ and dragging a part allows you to mate the part with selected geometry.
    3. Hold ‘Ctrl’ and drag a plane to create a quick parallel plane.
    4. File management: In Windows Explorer, RMB on a SolidWorks file and select the SolidWorks menu. Pack ‘n go, rename and replace files without opening SolidWorks.
    5. Use ‘Ctrl’ plus view number to orient your model/assembly. 1-Front, 2-back, 3-Left, 4-Right, 5-Top, 6-Bottom, 7-Isometric, 8-Normal to.
    6. ‘Ctrl’+8 will make model/assembly ‘Normal to’. Hitting it again will flip it to the opposite side.
    7. When working in large assemblies, RMB on a plane in the FM and select ‘Auto-size’.
    8. F9 will hide the FM. F10 will hide toolbars. F11 hides all.
    9. F5 turns your filter toolbar on/off. F6 Clears enabled filters.
    10. Box select – L to R selects what’s in the box, R to L selects in and what it crosses.
    11. Dynamic Line/arc creation – Hover over line endpoint to switch to arc tool or press ‘A’ to alternate between the two.
    12. Holding down ‘Shift’, while dimensioning arcs, will automatically dimension to ‘Max’.
    13. Quick slot creation: Create slot centerline, offset entities, bi-directional, cap end.
    14. If you use the Shell command, without selecting a face, you’ll create a hollow part.
    15. The ‘S’ key is your best friend. Use it frequently and don’t be afraid to make it your own.
    16. Use Multi-mate to speed up mate creation in Assemblies
    17. Did you know you can rotate, in 3D, a view in a drawing?
    18. Quick copy of sketch entities – box select or ‘ctrl’ select entities hold ‘ctrl’ and drag.
    19. To create geometry without snapping, hold down ‘ctrl’ before or after dragging to disable inferencing.
    20. Repair broken sketch relationships by dragging or manually repair using view relations.
    21. Use surface cut to quickly remove half of model.
    22. Always use fully defined sketches.
    23. Name your features. It’ll make your life easier down the road.
    24. Center parts around origin/planes as often as possible.
    25. If working in a multi-user environment, enable multi-user environment (Tools->options->collaboration).
    26. If you use variations of the same part (excluding toolbox parts), you owe it to yourself to check out DriveWorksXpress.
    27. Everyone should be working off of common templates.
    28. Make sure your IT department “gets it”.
    29. Use online help. It tends to be much quicker than your VAR.
    30. – great addin for SolidWorks.
    31. – SolidWorks’ forum to get answers.
    32. – social networking in 140 words or less.
    33. – a dozen or so bloggers who provide tips, tricks, opinion and commentary on SolidWorks.